“The Fangu”, a river classified as MAN AND BIOSPHERE AND NATURA 2000

Also known as a natural swimming pool, in this little corner of paradise you will enjoy fresh water that’s especially warm for a river, and magnificent landscapes with red rocks that reflect the sun.

The Fangu designated “wild river” on 20 June 2019
This label is a tool for running water aquatic environment managers. It helps improve the protection and conservation of ecologically sound rivers.
The Fangu basin covers 235 km² and is spread over three municipalities: Calenzana, Manso and Galeria.
The Fangu is home to almost forty different species of birds, including the golden eagle and the bearded vulture.

The Fangu river is 15 km from Résidence L’Incantu.
On the programme: clear, warm water, waterfalls, pools and natural rock slides…
Just an exceptional spot!